Compose Blackboard Email

To start, first go into your class then choose tools from the course menu.

Course menu tool selection button

From the list of available tools, select Send Email.

Course tools send email selection button

Choose from a list of recipient options (All or Select). Click the appropriate link.

If you choose All (Users, Groups, Teaching Assistant Users, Student Users, Instructor Users, Observer Users):

  • Those users will ALL be automatically selected.

Send email selection options for all users or groups

If you choose Select (Users, Groups, Observers):

  • You will have the option to choose from one-all users.

Send email selection options for select users or groups

Select the name of the recipient/s in your course based on how you wish to send them the message. Click the > button to add the recipient/s to your message. You can choose any number from one person to the whole roster.

Choose recipients and compose email process video

Then type your Subject line and Body message.

Be sure to click Submit when you are finished.

Note: The recipient/s will receive the email in their Detroit Mercy email inbox. A copy of the original email will have been sent to the sender.