Edit Captions

To edit captions on a video or audio file, you'll need to open your Media Library. While you can do this through any course, the direct route will be more efficient.

Media Library [YuJa] Direct Login

Access your YuJa Media Library directly (without logging into a Blackboard course site) at:


Log in (button in the upper right corner) using your Detroit Mercy Office 365 username and password.

login button in context

Launch YuJa Video Editor

The caption editor is a part of the broader set of media editing tools available. So next, we need to launch the video editor.

From the Media Library [YuJa], locate the media you want to get views information on.

Mouse over the preview thumbnail. Choose EDIT.

media library excerpt, media context menu displayed, EDIT highlighted

Find the Caption Editor

Then open the caption editor.

From the Video Editor, open the Captions editor by clicking the CC button in the lower right corner of the media player. If the CC button does not appear, you will need to widen your browser window.

 lower right corner of media player, CC button highlighted


Navigate Caption Editor

Navigate the captions via the media timeline or use caption page navigation.

Captions are divided into pages of 5 2-second chunks. To navigate the caption pages, click the arrow buttons at the bottom of the caption window, or enter a page number.

captions window, navigation section highlighted


Find and Replace Caption Text

If there is a repeated error in captioning, you can fix this globally with Find and Replace

From the Caption Editor, click the Find and Replace (search) button in the top right.

caption editor, find and replace button highlighted

Enter the text you wish to find in the FIND box, and the text you wish to replace it with in the REPLACE box. 

Find and replace tool


The "Aa" button toggles case matching when performing your Find and Replace.

The arrows-in-a-circle button replaces the next match, the ALL button replaces all matches.

Be sure to click SAVE at the top center of the editor when you have finished all your edits.

save button

Edit Caption Text

Or you can edit individual lines.

From the Caption Editor, edit caption text by clicking the text you wish to edit and make your change.

caption box, caption opened for editing and highlighted

To advance or rewind the video player timeline to a point associated with a particular caption, click the play button left of the caption

Captions window, jump to button highlighted


To add a caption at a new point in the timeline, navigate to the point in the video, then click the ADD CAPTION AT button. If a caption already exists at that point in the timeline, it will open for editing. If no caption exists, a new caption will be created for you to type.

Caption window, add caption at button highlighted 


To delete a caption, click caption's trash icon.

Caption window, trash icon highlighted