About Class Conversations

Class Conversations allow all members of a course to post and view discussion-style messages related to a specific document, test, or assignment in an ultra-style course site. This tool essentially creates a discussion forum tied to that item which can be accessed from the item page. 


Class Conversations are available in ultra-style course sites, as an option that must be selected on a Document, Test, or Assignment options page.

How It Works

Once enabled, the conversation stays with its item. The conversation forum can be accessed by clicking the more button ("...") to the right of the item name in the Course Content list, or by clicking a speech-bubble icon in the upper-right corner of the item's page.

When new posts are available, the item will have a blue speech-bubble right of the item name.

menu item with new class conversation

From the item page, a purple dot on the Class Conversation icon indicates new posts for viewing.

class conversation icon with new (purple dot)

The Class Conversation can be browsed and posted to like an ultra-style discussion forum.