Using Respondus Monitor with Live Proctoring

Respondus Monitor, the feature of LockDown Browser that enables the webcam on students' devices during testing, now offers a Live Proctoring option. This option allows instructors to view student webcam videos in real-time using one of the synchronous meeting tools supported by Detroit Mercy. Currently, the options are Microsoft Teams, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, and Zoom.

Unlike the default Monitor option which creates a video recording, the real-time meeting allows instructors to help students correct any issues with their webcam video and to answer questions about the test material before the test starts. Students are prevented from starting the test by a password requirement. This password is set by the instructor and can be given either to the entire group or to individual students as they are approved to start the test.

Using Live Proctoring

1. Enable Respondus Monitor with Live Proctoring. You will need to enable LockDown Browser for the assessment

2. Still in the Respondus LockDown Browser dashboard, select ALLOW INSTRUCTOR LIVE PROCTORING FOR THIS EXAM under the Proctoring heading.

Allow live proctoring selection

3. Select your Video Conferencing tool from the list.

Select video conferencing system list

4. Enter the start code you will provide to your students via your virtual classroom tool in the space provided (this prevents students from starting the assessment before you are ready, and prevents students who are in your live meeting from opening the assessment).

If you wish to include additional instructions, check the box and click EDIT TEXT to enter your instruction text.

start code space

5. Create a session/meeting in Collaborate, Teams, or Zoom.

6. Have your students join the meeting room before the test starts. Make sure you open the room a bit early so students have time to trouble-shoot any connection problems.

7. Once your students have joined the meeting room, they can open LockDown Browser and wait for you to provide the Start Code password. Once they open LockDown Browser, they will be unable to see the meeting room video or unmute themselves to speak, so if you want to interact with the students (e.g. to answer questions or check webcam video quality) you should ask them not to open LockDown Browser immediately. It's important they open Teams/Zoom/Collaborate before LockDown Browser, since they will be unable to interact with the meeting room once LockDown is open.

Note: Once in the test, students should be muted so they do not distract each other. They will be able to hear the proctor's audio, but if proctors plan to use their microphone to talk to the class during the test (for instance, to issue a clarification about an answer option) be sure to ask students to leave their speakers enabled and computer volume turned up. Also, keep in mind that there is not currently a way to "private message" a student during a Live Proctoring test. Any announcements will be heard by all students, assuming they did not disable their speakers.