Syllabus Re:Design

The process is intended to grant faculty time to reflect and review their course syllabi to set a supportive tone and prime a growth mindset for their course(s). The syllabus is the introduction and guide to the course and the instructor for the students. This is not about homogenizing the syllabi; it is about drawing on a body of research that will help you communicate values and ideas that have been correlated with student persistence and success such as:

  • Reinforcing a growth mindset
  • Creating a sense of student belonging
  • Showing care for students
  • Highlighting the value of diversity
  • Demonstrating that challenges are normal, and that using resources 
    are a standard part of success in college

The process starts with a review of specific material that will provide a context for the promotion of inclusivity and a growth mindset. Reflecting on this material factly can then review and edit their syllabi. The edited document then is shared with the CETL for review. The syllabi feedback is shared in consultation with the faculty member. If time allows, further edits can be submitted for review by the CETL staff.