Find the Annotation Tools

At full widths, the annotation tools all appear in the toolbar at the top of the submission view.

Full toolbar with all buttons on display

At narrower browser-widths, the "draw-on-document" tools are located under the pen-on-box button in the annotation toolbar.

narrow-width menu with draw on document tools button highlighted

Click the button to open the toolbar.

At these screen-widths, the toolbar has with white-spaces that obscure the down-arrow, "more selections" buttons.

menu bar with white spaces obscuring some of the controls

If possible, we recommend widening your display as much as possible.

If your display is at maximum width and the controls are still obscured, the buttons still work, despite their being difficult to see.

animation of button working despite being difficult to see

To exit this menu, click the right-facing arrow at the beginning of the line.

menu with right-facing arrow at beginning of the line highlighted