Why an Account Can't be Added to a Course

If you cannot find an account to add to your course, it means one of three things:

They are already enrolled in the course

Re-check the enrollments list in the course. It is possible the account was already added to your course site.

They were enrolled in the course, then dropped

When a student (or faculty person) is dropped from a course, their account and any information they added -- assignments, discussion posts -- or information added about them (e.g., grades) are not actually deleted from the course. Instead, the account and all relevant information is from view. This way, if a student adds back into the course grades, all their work will be restored.

Unfortunately, only an CETL staff member can check whether this is the case and resolve the situation. If you cannot find the user and have confirmed they are not already enrolled in the course, contact CETL (Ask-CETL@udmercy.edu; 313-578-0580) for assistance.

They do not have an account on Knowledge

Only active students, adjuncts, faculty, and Detroit Mercy staff and administrators have Blackboard accounts. If a student has not enrolled in a course yet, or if a student was not enrolled in the immediately preceding term, they will not have an account. Our Blackboard license requires us to limit enrollment in the course site to current students and current employees. If an employee (faculty, staff, or administrator) does not have an account, contact CETL (Ask-CETL@udmercy.edu; 313-578-0580) for assistance.