Assignment Submission (Classic)

Beneath the assignment information you'll find the submission space.

In some cases, your professor may indicate that you can write your submission directly into Blackboard's assignment page. To do this, click the WRITE SUBMISSION button to reveal the submission input box.

If you are going to be spending more than a few minutes writing your submission, we strongly recommend you do your writing offline, in Word. If you have been instructed to put your response directly into the WRITE SUBMISSION box, you can copy from Word and paste into this box.

animation of assignment space being opened, text being entered

Upload a File

Most often, your professor will want you to attach one or more files. To do this, click the BROWSE LOCAL FILES button under Attach Files, locate the file or files you which to attach, and click OPEN to attach them.

attach file space

If the assignment is using SafeAssign, you will need to check the box next to the agreement statement to submit your assignment.


The comments space is an optional space you can use to add a note to your professor to accompany your assignment. Text put in the comments space is not a part of the assignment submission, but supplemental to it. Think of it as something you might say to your professor as you hand in an assignment.

Comments box


CLICK SUBMIT to turn your assignment in. Click SAVE DRAFT if you have done some work inside the assignment that you want to keep but do not want to turn your assignment in to the instructor.

Click CANCEL to close the assignment page without saving any changes you've made.