Record Video in Browser

YuJa's Browser Capture Studio is a simple, quick solution for those who do not need to install the feature-rich desktop application, or who are working on a rights-controlled machine that will not let them install software.

From the YuJa Media Library, click the Create Recording button in the top-center of the screen.

Top of screen, create recording highlighted

On the Create Recording window, select Record with Browser Capture Studio from the pulldown list.

Create Recording window, menu open, record with Browser Capture Studio highlighted


Enter the Title for your recording in the space that appears, then click START to launch the browser recording studio.

Create Recording window with Browser Capture Studio selected

In the Recording Options section, choose whether you'd like to record your camera, your screen, or both.

Recording options


If you include Screen in your recording options, you'll be prompted to select a source for your screen recording. If you're unfamiliar with selecting a share source, this page outlines how this works in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

Choose whether or not you want to include audio recording.

If you have more than one microphone available (for example, if you are wearing a headset and want to make sure the headset microphone is selected), click the "Default - " pulldown beneath the microphone icon and select an appropriate microphone.

Audio menu options


Similarly, under Video choose whether to turn on your camera, and choose the camera you want to use (if necessary) from pull-down menu beneath the camera button. 

Camera buttons with pulldown menu open 

Note: If you select Camera or Both under Recording Options, the video will be turned on. If you turn the camera off, your recording options will change to reflect the fact that you've disabled the camera.

Press Start Recording at the bottom of the Browser Capture Options box to start your recording.

Start recording button


To finish your recording, click the red square left of the recording time counter.

To pause your recording, click the pause button right of the time counter.

To delete your recording, click the trash can icon (you will get an "Are you sure you want to delete this" confirmation prompt).

Recording controls

You can then preview the recording (click PLAY on the preview player) and choose to upload or discard the video. Choose UPLOAD to add the video to your media library.

Please save window

Once you choose UPLOAD the video will take a few minutes (depending on length) to finalize before you can edit the video, if necessary, or embed the video in a course site.