Create Custom Size Design in Canva

After you have created an account in, you can create a custom-size design. This is particularly helpful if you want to add a banner header in a Blackboard course (see example below).

Note: if you are creating a banner header for Blackboard, your dimensions must be width 1200 x height 240px (pixels). See this article for details on how to Add a Course Banner in Blackboard.

From the Canva home page, select the “Custom size” button. Enter your dimensions based on pixels, inches, millimeters, or centimeters. Click “Create new design.”
Custom size and create new design buttons

This will open a blank design canvas. You can then add many different types of elements, including text, images, shapes, photos, and your own uploaded images. You can also download your design once it’s complete.

Animated image of most Canva element options

Be sure to rename your design so you can easily find it later (found at the top right of the window).

Title box for design

Sample Blackboard banner (the course "card" vs. inside the course).

Course banner card   course banner inside course