About Blackboard Send Email

Blackboard emails allow you to send an email without opening your email client (like Outlook) and then adding recipient email addresses. If the person is enrolled in your course, you can simply send them an email through the course. The recipient/s will receive the email in their Detroit Mercy Outlook email inbox. Replies are sent like a normal email through the Detroit Mercy Outlook inbox.


Email is available in ONLY classic-style Blackboard course sites.

How it Works

  • Sending an email through Blackboard allows you to choose the recipient/s from the members of your course.
  • Unlike announcements, emails can be sent by an instructor or a student, and they can go to an individual, multiple individuals, OR the entire roster.
  • To protect student privacy, if you choose to use Blackboard to send an email to multiple students, that email is sent to each student individually. This means if an instructor emails the entire class and a student chooses to REPLY-ALL to that message, their reply will only go to the instructor.  This also means that a student who receives an email sent through Blackboard will not necessarily know who else received that email (unless the others are addressed in the body of the email).
  • Emails are sent immediately (you cannot schedule them in advance).


  • Emails cannot be edited once sent.
  • Course must be open to students in order to send emails.
  • If you send an email to “all users” and someone adds to your course later, they won't get those emails. An email to "everyone" is a message to everyone enrolled in the course at that time. So if you want to post something that everyone will see regardless of when they enroll in your course, you want it to be an announcement or a content item.