Bulk Delete

In a Classic-style course site, the bulk-delete tool lets you remove large chunks of content (or users) in a single step.

You'll find Bulk Delete under the PACKAGES AND UTILITIES heading in your Course Tools menu.

Bulk Delete, under packages and utilities

The Bulk Delete page is divided into three sections

  • Select Content Materials to Delete
  • Select Other Materials to Delete
  • Confirmation

Check the boxes left of the content and / or other materials you wish to delete. 

For example, if you only wish to delete old announcements copied over into a new course by mistake, check the Announcements box.

select other materials to delete excerpt, announcements selected and circled

Once you have checked all the boxes, type Delete (with a capital "D") in the confirmation box, then click Submit.

confirmation box with Delete entered

Keep in mind, this action cannot be undone.