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Compose Blackboard Email

To start, first go into your class then choose tools from the course menu.

From the list of available tools, select Send...

Access Blackboard Emails

Blackboard emails are viewed and replied to through the regular Detroit Mercy Outlook inbox.

A copy of the original email will have been...

Reply to Messages

To reply to a message, click on the person’s name, and a dialog box will show on the right side of the page. From there, type in your reply...

Email an Announcement

Announcements will automatically appear for students when they open your course. It will also appear in the students' Activity Stream and in...

Post an Announcement (Ultra)

If you did not schedule your announcement for posting, you will need to click the POST NOW button to make your announcement visible (and email it,...

Reply to Blackboard Email

To reply to a Blackboard email, reply through your Detroit Mercy Outlook inbox where you received the original email.

Modify Notifications

You have the ability to change the settings of your notifications to fit your preferences. To do so, first navigate to your Activity Stream page...

Add a Message

To start, first go into your class then choose messages in the top menu bar 

Schedule an Announcement

You can schedule your announcement by simply clicking the box next to schedule announcement.

Pick your...

Edit an Announcement

In order to edit an announcement (either one in draft or posted), choose the three dots on the right of the announcement and Edit.

Email a Message (Ultra)

When sending a message, you may wish to have the recipient/s receive an email alerting them to the message. At the bottom of the New Message...

Add Someone to a Message (Ultra)

After sending an original message, you may want to add another person/s to the message conversation.

To do this, click on the...

Access Messages

There are two-three ways to view messages:

  • If the sender chooses, an email alert will be sent.
  • Messages can be viewed...

Add an Announcement

To get started, first go into your course. Your course should open automatically to the Announcements page. Click Create Announcement.