Copy a Test

To copy a test and all its settings from one classic-style course to another you will need to use Course Copy to copy the content area containing the test, the Grade Center, and the Tests, Surveys, and Pools page. Alternatively, you can use the instructions below to export the test questions from one course, then import those questions into another. You'll then need to re-deploy the test (re-creating all necessary options).

To copy a test (or assignment) from one ultra-style course to another, use the Item Copy instructions.

The first step in copying a single test from one course site to another is exporting the question set from the source course site. 

Export a Test

To export a test from a classic-style course, first click Tests, Surveys, and Pools from under the Course Tools heading.

tests, surveys, and pools menu item

Select the container (Tests, Surveys, or Pools) that holds the question set you would like to export.

Locate the question set you wish to export on the list. Hover your mouse over the question set name, then click the gray options button that appears to its right. Choose Export to Local Computer to save the questions set to your computer.

question set options menu with 'export to local computer' highlighted

You will be prompted to download the question set to your computer. The questions set will download as a Blackboard package file. DO NOT OPEN this zip file, or it may be rendered unusable by Blackboard. The questions inside will not be easily accessible outside of Blackboard.

If you need assistance getting questions out of Blackboard for purposes other than to import into another Blackboard course site, please contact the Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning for assistance.




Import a Test

Once you have the test questions exported from the source course site, you'll need to import the file into your destination course site. 

To import a test (survey, or pool) question set into a classic-style course, first click Tests, Surveys, and Pools from under the Course Tools heading.

tests, surveys, and pools menu item

Select the container (Tests, Surveys, or Pools) that you would like to import the question set into. Then click the IMPORT button at the top of the page. The button will read Import Test on the tests page, Import Survey on the surveys page, and Import Pool on the pools page.

top of tests page, import tests button highlighted

On the Test Import page, click the BROWSE LOCAL FILES button. Locate the Test Export zip file you wish to import, then click SUBMIT to import your question set.

test import page with browse local files button highlighted


Ultra-style course sites use the Item Copy process to copy tests from one ultra-style course to another. This copy brings in both the test questions and the test settings. Once copied, you will likely want to drag the assessment to an appropriate folder in your Course Content list.

Item Copy

Use this process to copy individual items, tests, assignments, and discussion, or folders containing these items from one ultra-style course to another. 

When copying from ultra-style courses, you always begin in the course you wish to copy the content into.

In an ultra-style site, the process for copying items and folders is the same as the process for copying an entire course.

Click the "..." button right of the Course Content heading and choose Copy Content.

copy content selection

Next, you'll need to locate the course you want to copy from. You can use the search box at the top of the Copy Content panel to locate a particular course. If you have a lot of courses, using the CRN may speed up this search.

Remember, course IDs end with academic year -- so a class offered in Fall 2020-2021 will end with 2021 (even though the course was technically offered in 2020).

course copy panel

To copy specific folders or items, click the right-pointing arrow to browse the course, and continue to drill down until you find the items (assignments, tests, etc.) or folders you wish to copy.

Once you have made your selections, click COPY SELECTED CONTENT at the bottom of the copy panel to start your copy.

You will be emailed when your copy has completed.