Add a Course Banner

Course banners appear at the top of the course home page, as well as above the course card in the tile view of Blackboard's Courses page.

Course banners should be 1200 x 240 pixels.

sample course card tile with banner image

The easiest way to add a banner to your course is to switch your courses page to tile view (if you are not already using tile view) by clicking the grid icon in the upper left of your Courses page.

grid icon highlighted

If you have not set a banner image for the course, Blackboard defaults to a nature scene for the course banner. 

Click the More Options button in the upper right corner of the course tile you want to add a banner to (the button appears when you mouse over the tile). Then choose Edit Course Image.

course tile more options menu, edit course image highlighted

This will open a Course Image panel on the left. Click the UPLOAD NEW IMAGE button, then browse for and upload your course image.

Course Image panel

Next you will be prompted to adjust the magnification and position of your image. If your banner image is the recommended 1200 x 240 pixels, no adjustment should be necessary. Click Done.

Position image window

To use this image as a banner in your course, toggle the gray X on the Course Image line above your image preview so it becomes a green check. This will put the image at the top of your course when students open the course site itself.

Course Image panel, Course image toggled on

Click SAVE at the bottom of the panel to save your change.

In an ultra-style course, the banner will appear on the Course Content page, below the menu and above the content.

Top of an ultra-style course with banner

In a classic-style course, the banner appears at the top of the course home page (announcements).

Classic-style course home page with banner