About the Media Library [YuJa]

The YuJa Media Library provides a streamlined method for storing and sharing video, audio, and other media files with your students.

In addition to making it easy to import video recorded in other sources (such as PowerPoint) then share those videos with only the students in a particular class, the YuJa Media Library can also be used to:

  • Share video or audio streams with folks outside the University
  • Record and / or edit desktop video
  • Store and share images
  • Provide students with audio and / or video feedback on an assignment
  • Get detailed viewership statistics
  • Incorporate assessments into videos 

YuJa can also be used by students to submit audio and / or video responses to assignments


YuJa is available to both faculty and students. It may be accessed through Blackboard, or by going to https://udmercy.yuja.com.

How it Works

Media Library [YuJa] is available through Tools in a classic-style course site and through Books & Tools in an ultra-style course site. You can use this view to add content from your Media Library to a class channel. Students in your class who click on the Media Library link will see anything you've added to the class channel.

The Media Library is also a quick way to get into YuJa if you want to upload media, edit recordings, create new recordings, check viewership statistics, create or score quizzes, and so on. 

Content may also be shared to public-facing web sites using either links or embed code available in YuJa's LINKS page. 

Add Video From Media Library [YuJa] lets you add a single video to the course. If you choose this tool by clicking the + on a text box toolbar, it will embed YuJa media content into the text box, letting students click play and watch the video from the page. If you select the Add Video From Media Library item type (in a classic-style course this is found in content areas, under Build; in ultra-style courses click the + and choose Content Market) it will create a link to the video on YuJa

Adding media (like a video) to a course with these tools makes the item available only to students enrolled in that course.

Using the Add a Video From Media Library link does not also add the media to the class channel accessible through the Media Library.