Add an Availability Exception

Test Availability Exceptions can be used to make a test available to an individual or group outside the normal test availability window (that is, make it available to select individuals early or late) or to provide an individual or group with more time (or a combination of the two).

The first step in setting an availability exception is to set the availability for the rest of the class. For the exception to work, the test's overall availability will need to be set to YES (available), and may then be limited by date and time. 

Once this is done, click the ADD USER OR GROUP button under test TEST AVAILABILITY EXCEPTIONS heading.

test availability exceptions section with add user or group button

Locate the individual(s) and or group(s) you wish to add an exception for. These needn't be the same exceptions -- you could select two students and make the test available for each at different times. You can also add one exception now and another later if necessary.

select exception users list

Check the box left of the individuals or groups, then click SUBMIT to add them to the exceptions list.

To give a student one or more additional attempts, choose unlimited or multiple attempts (if you choose MULTIPLE, a box will appear right of the attempts list where you can enter the number of attempts you are allowing).

availability exceptions row, number of attempts list displayed

 If the test has a TIMER active, you can provide a timer exception by checking the box on that row and entering the new time limit (in minutes). Check the AUTO SUBMIT button to turn on automatic submission for the assessment.

Availability Exceptions row, timer exception entered

Finally, click the calendar button to enter a different availability window for the assessment.

availability row, date and time exception window opened, calendar button highlighted

Note: If you do not set any of these exceptions, these will default to what is set for the rest of the class. This means if you set a single-attempt test to be available 12/6: noon -12/7: noon with a 60-minute time limit and set an availability window exception of 12/8: noon - 12/9: noon, the student with the exception will still have 60 minutes and one attempt, just later than the rest of the class.

Assessment Availability Exceptions can be used to make an assessment available to one or more individuals outside the normal availability window (that is, make it available to select individuals early or late).

In an ultra-style course, assessment availability exceptions are added to the item's Gradebook page.

To get to the item's Gradebook page, click Gradebook at the top of your course, then click on the assessment in the Gradable Items list. You can also get to the item's Gradebook page by clicking on the Submissions tab when viewing/editing an assessment.

Gradable items list, sample item highlighted


Locate a student for whom you wish to add an exception. Click the three-dot MORE button right of that student's name and choose ADD OR EDIT EXCEPTIONS.

Add or edit exceptions menu item highlighted

The Exceptions side panel lets you set a due date, show on and / or hide on date(s), and / or allow additional attempts for the selected student only. Note that additional time accommodations are applied to the student via the course Roster page.

Exceptions panel