Convert Your Course to Ultra

When you first launch a closed, recently created Blackboard course site, you will be presented with a message prompting you to Try the Ultra Course View!


If you already cleared this message, either intentionally or by mistake, you can restore it by clicking the pencil icon in the upper right of your course site, provided your course is closed to students (unavailable).

ultra preview button circled, in context.

If you aren’t interested in the Ultra Course View, click “I’ll keep the Original Course View for now” to clear this message and access your course.

To switch to Ultra, click the Try the Ultra Course View button. 

When you click this button, your course site will close immediately, as Blackboard converts any content you’ve already loaded to the Ultra experience.

Courses page listing for course, with conversion underway

On your course list, the course will be grayed out and unclickable until the conversion is complete. If there is no content in your course, the conversion shouldn’t take long at all. 

The next time you open your course site, it will be in “Ultra Course Preview” mode. This is indicated by a black-backgrounded message across the top of the course site.

Welcome to Ultra Course Preview header

While in Ultra Course Preview you can add folders, items. If you keep the Ultra Course View, these items will be kept.


Before you make your course site open to students, you’ll need to decide whether or not you want to keep the Ultra-style course view. At the bottom of your course site is an “Explore the Ultra Course View!” box. Click “Back to Original course” if you want to revert to the previous view. Click “Use the Ultra course” if you would like to use the Ultra-style course.

Explore ultra preview box with back to original and use the ultra course buttons