How to Sync Video & Playback Quiz Grades

If you have created a video quiz in YuJa that consists of all self-scoring questions (multiple choice, true false, etc), then the score will post automatically to Blackboard when the student submits their video quiz. However, if you have created a Playback Quiz that provides a score based on how much of the video your students have watched, or if you have created a quiz with short-answer questions that you've scored in YuJa's Grade Book, then you'll need to manually push those grades from YuJa to Blackboard.

To get started, you'll want to log in to YuJa.

Media Library [YuJa] Direct Login

Access your YuJa Media Library directly (without logging into a Blackboard course site) at:

Log in (button in the upper right corner) using your Detroit Mercy Office 365 username and password.

login button in context

Find the YuJa Grade Book

Next, navigate to YuJa's Grade Book.

After logging in to YuJa, click the MAIN MENU button (a grid of squares, sometimes called a "waffle button") in the upper right.

main menu button in context, highlighted


Choose Usage and Analytics.

Main menu opened, usage and analytics highlighted


When you hover your mouse pointer over the narrow red bar on the left, it will expand to show text labels to accompany icons.

narrow left bar


Click Grade Book

Left menu expanded, Grade Book highlighted

View Video Quiz Responses

Then find the quiz you want to sync.

From the YuJa Grade Book, find the course containing the video quiz in the Select Group list. You can use the text box to search for all or part of the course's Blackboard Course Id. Your list will be limited to only your courses.

select group pulldown

Then choose the quiz from the Quiz Select pulldown and click GET RESULT.

Quiz select pulldown and get result button

Use the FILTER pulldown at the top to narrow your view to a class of attempt -- all, highest scoring, most recent, or first.

filter list

Unscored questions will feature a page icon and a dark red outline. To view these responses, click the highlighted button.

Question with unscored responses

When ALL ATTEMPTS is selected in the filter, clicking a response will expand the student row to show each attempt (even if only one is available). Click a response on an attempt row to open the scoring overlay.

animation of clicking to score with all attempts selected

Correct and incorrect responses appear with a green check or red x respectively.

sample correct and incorrect responses


Sync YuJa Quiz Grades

Finally, you'll be able to select individual students to sync, or sync all the grades all at once.

From the Response Page for the quiz you want to sync, select the students whose grades you want to sync by clicking the checkboxes left of their names.

quiz gradebook, names checked


In the upper right, point to Sync Gradebook and choose On-Demand LMS Student Gradebook Sync.

Sync Gradebook menu, on-demand student gradebook sync highlighted


This will sync only the students you have selected.

To sync ALL grades for the quiz, choose On-Demand LMS Quiz Gradebook Sync.


This sync will override any manual updates you have made to a student's grade in Blackboard.