Export Your Narrated PowerPoint as a Video

If you have recorded narration on your PowerPoint presentation, the resulting file will be an excellent resource should you need to add, remove, or replace content, but the file itself will be too large and unwieldy to provide to your audience (students, or in some cases your professors) directly. The best way to share a narrated PowerPoint is to export the presentation as a video, the provide the video via a streaming service like the University's YuJa Media Library or YouTube.

To export your narrated PowerPoint as a video, click FILE in the upper left of PowerPoint's toolbar. 

PowerPoint Toolbar, FILE highlighted


Choose EXPORT from the file menu.

File menu excerpt with EXPORT highlighted


From the EXPORT menu, choose CREATE A VIDEO

EXPORT menu with CREATE A VIDEO highlighted

The default options, shown below, are generally fine for a presentation that you plan to post to a service like YuJa or YouTube -- 

image of default Create a Video settings

Full HD (1080p) will present a satisfactory resolution for web viewers without being too large to manage (provided your video is of a reasonable length). 

The USE RECORDED TIMINGS AND NARRATIONS selection ensures that your recorded audio (and / or video) will be included in the video. If this is switched to the "don't use" option, then your video will be silent, with 5 seconds (by default) spent on each slide.

When you are satisfied with your settings, click CREATE VIDEO to begin the export process. You will be prompted to choose a location on your computer to save the video. We do not recommend saving directly to an external drive (occasionally, doing so has resulted in corrupted video files). Instead, save locally -- to desktop or a documents folder -- then move the file to your external drive as needed.

NOTE: Creating even a short video can take quite some time. If your presentation is long and / or includes a great deal of narration, this process will take longer still.