Export a Test

To export a test from a classic-style course, first click Tests, Surveys, and Pools from under the Course Tools heading.

tests, surveys, and pools menu item

Select the container (Tests, Surveys, or Pools) that holds the question set you would like to export.

Locate the question set you wish to export on the list. Hover your mouse over the question set name, then click the gray options button that appears to its right. Choose Export to Local Computer to save the questions set to your computer.

question set options menu with 'export to local computer' highlighted

You will be prompted to download the question set to your computer. The questions set will download as a Blackboard package file. DO NOT OPEN this zip file, or it may be rendered unusable by Blackboard. The questions inside will not be easily accessible outside of Blackboard.

If you need assistance getting questions out of Blackboard for purposes other than to import into another Blackboard course site, please contact the Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning for assistance.