Find Course Groups (Student View)

As a student, you have two ways of accessing Groups in a classic style course site.

If you are already a member of a group, you'll see the group listed at the bottom of the course menu (the black bar on the left). Click the group name to see the tools available to you as a member of the group (the tools list will vary depending on the course and purpose of the group) --

Course menu with opened group at bottom

If you are not a member of a group yet (for example, if you need to access the groups page to add yourself to a self-enroll group), you will find Groups on the Tools page.

Locate and select Tools in the course menu --

Course menu, tools highlighted

Then find Groups on the tools page.

Tools page, groups highlighted

The Groups page will list only groups which are available to join and groups which you are a member of.

In an ultra-style course site, students will find the Groups page under Details & Actions on the left.

Student view of Details and Actions, Groups highlighted