Start, Pause, and Stop Desktop Software Recording

To begin recording with the YuJa desktop software capture, click the START button at the bottom right of the window.

bottom of capture software window, start button highlighted

While recording, the recording toolbar will appear at the bottom of your screen. You may click and drag this around, if necessary. From this toolbar, click the rainbow-swirl YuJa icon to bring the recording software into view. Click PAUSE to pause the recording and STOP to stop.

If you have selected multiple audio sources, you can switch which one is being captured via the microphone icon. The bar right of the microphone indicates audio input levels. It should fluctuate between green bars (and possibly some yellow) if the microphone is working. No bars indicate there is a problem with your audio source. Red bars indicate your input volume is too high and should be adjusted down.

Recording toolbar

The double-arrow on the right of this toolbar opens a context menu that lets you set some options on-the-fly, including a toggle for the annotation toolbar.

recording options

When you are done recording, click the STOP button. You will be prompted to delete or save your recording. If you attached the recording to a channel, you will also have the option to POST NOW, making your recording available for viewing on the channel as soon as it is done processing. 

save or discard recording window