Move a Participant to Another Group

To move a participant from one group to another, first open the Attendee panel (if it is not already open) by clicking purple OPEN COLLABORATE PANEL button in the lower right, then selecting the ATTENDEES list.

animation of open collaborate panel button click, attendees list selection

Click the More button right of the name of the attendee you wish to move, then choose MOVE TO ANOTHER GROUP.

attendee controls menu, move to another group highlighted

This will return you to the Breakout Groups panel, where you can either click & drag the user to a new group ...

animation of click-and-drag user

... or you can click the MORE button ("...") beside their name and choose the group you wish to add them to.

group select menu for a user

When you have finished moving folks around, click the UPDATE button at the bottom of the panel to commit the change.

bottom of Groups panel, update button highlighted