Grade Assignment with a Rubric

From within the Grade Assignment window, expand the blue bar below the purple ATTEMPT area.

Open the associated rubric one of two ways. Click the blue link with the name of the rubric or click the small gray and white window-in-window button. Each way offers the same options. 

Blue link method: will reveal the rubric rows and columns in the same window.

how to find the rubric in two different ways

The small gray and white button method: will open the rubric in a new pop-out window.

open rubric in a new window button

View of rubric in new window with save button

Be sure to save your changes in this window. Once you do, it will return you to the blue rubric.

The remaining steps are the same for each method

Based on your parameters and what you feel the student has achieved, choose the achievement level for each criterion by clicking the radial button to the left of each option or manually entering the percentage. (You MUST choose an achievement level for each criterion, even if it is zero, in order for the rubric to save.)

Scores will calculate automatically.

Once you have scored all criteria, you will have the option to adjust the student’s score. If you want to use the raw (system-calculated) total, you can leave this box blank.

Change total text box

Be sure to click the Save Rubric button AND THEN the Submit button before leaving that student’s submission.

Save rubric button

Submit score button

Unlike the Classic version of Blackboard, grading with a rubric in Ultra is the same for assignments, tests with no questions, and discussions.


From a student Submission page, click the RUBRIC button on the right. 

sample submission page with rubric button highlighted

This will expand the grading and feedback panel, with the rubric grading visible.

By default, rubric descriptions are not visible. To view the rubric descriptions, click the SHOW DESCRIPTIONS toggle.


animation showing rubric grading panel, show descriptions being clicked.


To score using the rubric, you need only click the rating-scale box for each criterion. The score will automatically be applied to the student's grade. You can click the up-pointing arrow on the criterion heading to collapse the graded criteria (meaning less scrolling to get to the next criterion).

animation of grading process described in previous paragraph -- clicking rating, collapsing via criterion button; process repeats for two criteria.


Click the COMMENT button on the criterion heading to open a space for providing the student with feedback on their performance on that particular criterion.

criterion heading with feedback button highlighted


Your work will be saved automatically as you exit the page.