Grade Assignment with a Rubric

From within the Grade Assignment window, expand the blue bar below the purple ATTEMPT area.

Open the associated rubric one of two ways. Click the blue link with the name of the rubric or click the small gray and white window-in-window button. Each way offers the same options. 

Blue link method: will reveal the rubric rows and columns in the same window.

how to find the rubric in two different ways

The small gray and white button method: will open the rubric in a new pop-out window.

open rubric in a new window button

View of rubric in new window with save button

Be sure to save your changes in this window. Once you do, it will return you to the blue rubric.

The remaining steps are the same for each method

Based on your parameters and what you feel the student has achieved, choose the achievement level for each criterion by clicking the radial button to the left of each option or manually entering the percentage. (You MUST choose an achievement level for each criterion, even if it is zero, in order for the rubric to save.)

Scores will calculate automatically.

Once you have scored all criteria, you will have the option to adjust the student’s score. If you want to use the raw (system-calculated) total, you can leave this box blank.

Change total text box

Be sure to click the Save Rubric button AND THEN the Submit button before leaving that student’s submission.

Save rubric button

Submit score button

Unlike the Classic version of Blackboard, grading with a rubric in Ultra is the same for assignments, tests with no questions, and discussions.


From an individual student’s Submissions page, where you would grade assignments normally, you should see an added Rubric tab on the right, below the score “pill” and above Feedback.

Full screen shot of rubric tab

Clicking anywhere on that Rubric tab will show the rubric associated with this assignment.

What will open is an abbreviated and vertical version of your rubric. It may or may not be collapsed; if it is, you can simply click on the criterion title to expand it. Once it has expanded, you should see the achievement levels for each criterion. Click to select the level the student has earned with their work.

Animated image of rubric scoring action

You can collapse or expand each criterion and then move on to the next.

Arrow button to collapse or expand criteria and achievements

You can also add feedback for each criterion...

Feedback for individual criterion

...or for the submission as a whole. 

Feedback Save button

If you include general feedback, be sure to save your changes before leaving this student’s submission.