Insert Text Block Annotation

While the comment annotation or highlighted comment are often a good way to provide students with feedback on a selection within their submission, the text block annotation -- which puts text directly onto the document, is sometimes preferable.

The Text Block annotation tool in the toolbar appears as a T within a box. Click this button to open the text block annotation tool.

When you activate the text block tool, a text block toolbar opens beneath

full annotation toolbar with text box tool highlighted, text submenu beneath

At narrower browser-widths, items in the text tool menu will be grouped into subheadings --

narrower width text block tool menu

 Text color

 Text background color

 Opacity (Transparency)

 Text Formatting (font face, font-size, justification, vertical alignment)

While these tools are fairly straightforward in their functions (similar to word), the vertical alignment tool deserves a little extra attention.

After you have typed your text, you can reposition and / or resize the text and text box. Click outside your text area, then click it again. 

When your text has a blue outline with dots at the corners and edges, you can click and drag the box around, or click and drag the dots to enlarge the text (corner dot) or the box (edge dot).

When the text box is larger than the text itself, you can use the vertical alignment tools to choose where (top, middle, bottom) in the textbox your text appears.

You can delete text by selecting it and hitting delete on your keyboard or clicking the trash-can icon.