Item Copy

Use this process to copy individual items and folders containing items. You cannot copy tests, assignments, or discussion using this method.

When copying from classic style courses, you always begin in the course you wish to copy the content from.

Locate the item you wish to copy. Click the gray options button right of the item name, choose COPY.

Copy item selection

In the DESTINATION section, choose the course you wish to copy your content into. Unfortunately, this list includes only course names, which may cause difficulties if you have taught the same course (under the same name) more than once in the last four years. 

To make your target course easier to identify, you may want to temporarily add or rename a menu item. When you select a course and click BROWSE to find the spot you wish to copy content into, look for your changed menu item to ensure you're copying into the correct course site.

destination section of copy page

Next, click the BROWSE button. This will open a pop-up window containing the destination course's menu. Click on the folder you wish to copy your content into. 

destination course menu

Generally, we recommend leaving the default option selected under ATTACHEMENTS AND EMBEDDED LINKS. The "Include links and make copies of attached and embedded files" will let your copied content function like it does in the home course (and making changes in one won't impact the other). If you wish to share linked content between courses, use the "Copy links" option.

file links options

Click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page to start your copy. 


Use this process to copy individual items, tests, assignments, and discussion, or folders containing these items from one ultra-style course to another. 

When copying from ultra-style courses, you always begin in the course you wish to copy the content into.

In an ultra-style site, the process for copying items and folders is the same as the process for copying an entire course.

Click the "..." button right of the Course Content heading and choose Copy Content.

copy content selection

Next, you'll need to locate the course you want to copy from. You can use the search box at the top of the Copy Content panel to locate a particular course. If you have a lot of courses, using the CRN may speed up this search.

Remember, course IDs end with academic year -- so a class offered in Fall 2020-2021 will end with 2021 (even though the course was technically offered in 2020).

course copy panel

To copy specific folders or items, click the right-pointing arrow to browse the course, and continue to drill down until you find the items (assignments, tests, etc.) or folders you wish to copy.

Once you have made your selections, click COPY SELECTED CONTENT at the bottom of the copy panel to start your copy.

You will be emailed when your copy has completed.