Drive In-Class Student Engagement with Top Hat Classroom Response System ("Clicker")

Interested in getting your students to use their mobile devices as a part of your lecture rather than a distraction from it? Top Hat's interactive, cloud-based teaching platform helps you engage your students inside and outside of the classroom with compelling content, tools and activities. As of Spring 2018, University of Detroit Mercy has partnered with Top Hat to make its student engagement system available to instructors on campus.

How can I use Top Hat?

Use Top Hat to inject quizzing and surveys directly into your classroom lecture.

Poll your students to aggregate their thoughts on a subject presented in class, then show your students the poll results in real-time.

Push timed, in-class quizzes to your students without the need for distributing and collecting paper.

Streamline attendance taking.

Top Hat's Blackboard integration means your in class surveys and quizzes can easily be collected in the Grade Center and included in participation assessment.

The app is available to Detroit Mercy students for $22 a term, $33 a year, or $55 for 4 years.

Have questions about getting started with Top Hat? Contact the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (313-578-0580 /

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