Download a Canva Design

Once you’ve completed your design, you can download it in a number of different formats: image file (PNG, JPEG, SVG, GIF), document file (PDF), or video. For most purposes, PNG, JPEG, or PDF will be the best choice.

From inside the design you wish to download, click the Share button and then click the grey Download button (the first one).

Animated image of Share and Download buttons

You can leave the file type as the suggested or default option or you can change it by clicking the drop-down arrow.

Change file type list

Generally speaking, you will not check any of the other options.

Extra download settings which can be turned off

Click the purple Download button.

This will open your local storage (Windows Explorer or Mac Finder). Choose where you’d like to save the file.

Blackboard banner notes:

  • Download as either PNG (default) or JPEG. 
  • Leave the size as 1200 x 240 px (what you should have set it to when initially creating your custom size design).