About Flip (Flipgrid)

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Formerly known as Flipgrid, Flip is a free web and app-based "social learning" program for video sharing and collaboration. "[This] free video discussion app provides a safe, accessible space where students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds can explore new ideas, connect with others, get creative, and contribute to meaningful discussions."


Flip is available through any web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc). Downloadable apps are also available for both iOS and Android systems.

Account creation for University faculty and students is very simple, allowing for Microsoft Single Sign-On.

How it Works

Similar to social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok, but within an instructor-controlled environment, students post short videos which are then shared with and commented on by others. Instead of a traditional discussion board, with written comments, students are thinking out loud and engaging with each other visually and orally. 

Instructors organize material in topics, similar to discussion board threads, wherein students then post their responses. (Topics can be thought of as prompts or individual assignments.) Other students can then respond to the same post with written comments, another video, or make their own new video post.  

Need some inspiration? Flip provides some ready-made prompts and a blog with ideas for your own course.