University Services: The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

For those newer to the University, the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning is a department established as a source of pedagogical expertise for University of Detroit Mercy faculty.

The CETL is in place to:

  • Promote inquiry
  • Inspire perspectives
  • Support methodology
  • Innovate teaching and scholarship

A great deal of our efforts go toward coordinating professional development opportunities so that faculty may continue to learn and thrive. Click here to check out both virtual and in-person programming opportunities for the month of October.

In addition to programming, we provide faculty with a variety of services, which include support in the following areas: 

  • Course Development
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Inclusive Teaching Practices
  • Assessment/Grading
  • Online Education
  • Grant Assistance
  • Information & Digital Literacies

The CETL can support you by providing support with syllabi review, lesson planning, active learning assignments and rubric development based on your specific curriculum. Confidential classroom observations can be conducted to provide you with feedback. We can also provide support in the areas of digital literacy. The ODE, Office of Digital Education is the component of the CETL that focuses exclusively on digital instructional services. Our instructional designers provide faculty with support in creating rubrics, assessments and all things relating to Blackboard.

To recap the CETL is a department that supports faculty in all aspects of pedagogical practice, facilitates educational events, and provides support services. We create monthly publications (like this one) which serves the purpose of informing faculty of educational news, best practices and a space to share educational experiences. Interested in working with the CETL on any of the services listed above? Have ideas for faculty programming? Interested in contributing to our monthly newsletter? If so, please email and a member of our team will contact you at our earliest convenience.