Prompt Construction for Generative AI: Getting Started

An effective way to understand how to utilize technology such as Chat-GPT or Google Bard is to engage in experiential, hands-on exploration of the tools. The CETL has provided some guidelines to help instructors explore and effectively utilize generative AI. One of the critical components of using generative AI is effectively writing prompts. To begin […]

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Artificial Intelligence Syllabus Statements

The following statements present two approaches for addressing artificial Intelligence in courses; both approaches have merit however, neither are required in the syllabus at this time. The included talking points are to assist the faculty member with rationale for support of their choice and are not intended for inclusion in the syllabus statements. The syllabus […]

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AI, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Another critical issue relating to the use of AI in higher education (and in other fields) is that human bias has infiltrated artificial intelligence. Human biases, revealed through tests and experiments, have been well-documented and their significant impact on outcomes acknowledged. With the rise of AI implementation in various companies, it is essential to promptly […]

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AI and the Academy

In the last few months, numerous articles, posts, and editorials have documented the emergence and rising popularity of ChatGPT-3, a text-based bot that can be tasked with writing essays and answering homework questions. This development is the latest in a number of discussions about the rapid advancement of AI. While scholars and pundits lament the […]

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AI and Written Assessments

Writing a final research essay has served as a recurrent mode of summative assessment in many liberal arts courses, particularly in English classes. Many composition and literature courses feature essay assignments that aim to demonstrate students’ mastery of course outcomes such as prewriting, revising, and incorporating research by producing an essay. With the growing popularity […]

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Tool Kit – Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The cyclical pattern of technological transformation in higher education is an enduring phenomenon. Faculty have consistently needed to adapt to new instructional paradigms in response to the fluid digital terrain. With each new generation of technology, it becomes imperative to engage in scholarly discourse concerning its pedagogical merits and the attendant implications for the teaching-learning […]

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