How can we assist you?

The Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL) is available to support faculty through individual consultations, small groups, formal workshops, and professional development sessions regarding topics such as:

  • Course development, design, and revision
  • Course problem solving for all course delivery methods
  • Classroom strategies and developing activities
  • Curriculum/course mapping and alignment
    • Alignment between program and course learning outcomes
    • Assessment mapping, development, and analysis
    • Writing learning objectives that establish clear expectations for students
    • Aligning learning objectives and course materials with assessments
    • Syllabi review

Professional Services, Scholarship, and Research

The Center also supports faculty growth at all career stages. Additional services include:

  • Opportunities to develop and present collaborative professional development sessions with CETL staff
  • Research and grant assistance, principally related to teaching and learning
  • Faculty on-boarding
  • Confidential teaching observations

Course Review and Consultations

Faculty can schedule a one-on-one consultation with a CETL staff member for a brief or expanded course review. Let us help you develop your own best pedagogical practices based on the scholarship of teaching and learning. Faculty may request certification letter of Excellence in Course Design after a positive expanded course review.

Brief Course Review: In a brief course review, a CETL team member will perform an evaluation of key course components listed under the tier one criteria below. After the review, the consultant and the faculty member will discuss possible action plans to put into practice (including an expanded course review) later in the semester.

Expanded Course Review: In an expanded course review, an expert from the CETL will perform an exhaustive evaluation of a faculty member’s course, providing detailed analysis and feedback using both the tier one and tier two criteria (listed below). The expanded course review will include a classroom observation (either in-person or virtually) as well as follow-up discussions regarding the feedback and analysis.

TIER ONE CRITERIA: course navigation/usability, technical requirements, learning activities, syllabus design, instructional elements, and inclusivity/accessibility.

TIER TWO CRITERIA: (includes tier one criteria) course outcome alignment, assessments and feedback (including rubrics), interactive/collaborative assignments, grading policies, and demonstration faculty’s continuous improvement.

Forthcoming: Earn Badges and CETL Micro-Credentials

Digital Education Services

The CETL also offers a myriad of services through the Office of Digital Education which includes, but is not limited to, assisting faculty with:

  • Creating and deploying tests and examinations (including Respondus lock-down browser)
  • Creating and using rubrics in Blackboard
  • Uploading video content to Microsoft Stream and via Camtasia
  • Implementing and Using Blackboard with Classic or Ultra views
  • Many other additional services

Please visit the CETL offices on the third floor of the McNichols Campus Library (room 326) or contact us via email at or phone at 313-578-0580. We’re happy to help you set up an appointment, hear your suggestions for professional development, or for you to meet with one of our experts regarding course design, the Blackboard L.M.S. or other queries regarding digital education.