Session G2: AI in the Writing-Intensive Classroom: Friend or Foe?

Session G2: AI in the Writing-Intensive Classroom: Friend or Foe?

August 21, 2024, 10:15 AM

Presenters: Lauren Rinke, Erin Bell, Elena Garcia, Sigrid Streit

Session Description: The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) writing tools presents both opportunities and challenges for instructors of writing-intensive classes. This session will explore practical strategies for navigating AI in the classroom. We aim to equip faculty with practical tools and strategies to navigate the changing landscape of writing instruction in the age of AI. By fostering open discussion and collaboration, we can collectively explore the potential of AI to enhance student learning while ensuring the integrity of academic writing.


We will begin by addressing participant concerns and clarifying the functionalities of AI writing tools. The session will then delve into two schools of thought: those opposed to AI and those advocating for its responsible integration. We will explore how AI can impact the development of higher-level writing skills and discuss strategies to discourage its misuse.


The focus then shifts to practical solutions. We will explore techniques for scaffolding the writing process, designing assignments that minimize AI dependence, designing assignments that effectively utilize the affordances of AI, and identifying AI-generated content through diagnostics and “tells.” Strategies for assessment in the online environment, including pre- and post-course diagnostics, lockdown browsers, and transparency about AI detection methods, will be addressed. Google History and “Trojan Horse” techniques, and other tools for identifying AI use, will also be presented.


Finally, we will discuss methods for upholding plagiarism policies through open communication with students. The session will conclude with examples of how to incorporate AI responsibly into writing instruction and a Q&A after group discussions.


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