Abstracted: A Different Kind of Book Club (Online)

Abstracted: A Different Kind of Book Club (Online)
November 30, 2022, 1:00 PM

Faculty keep current by engaging in research, attending workshops, conferences, and professional development sessions, as well as by reading through current scholarship in their field and across the disciplines. With all this in mind, the CETL is introducing Abstracted: A Different Kind of Book Club to help faculty colleagues make the most of their time.

In the Abstracted Book Club, your CETL facilitator will provide information on the relevant points of interest from current pedagogical texts. We will provide an overview of the book, its key points and arguments, and brief precis of each chapter. This information will be punctuated by pauses to provide discussion and conversation about the topic in general so that faculty can decide if they would like to read further into the book in the future. 

This month’s Abstracted Selection is: LGBTQ Youth and Education: Policies and Practices: Second Edition by Chris Mayo (2022)

This short volume brings focus to the major issues that schools must address to improve the educational outcomes for gender and sexual minority students―as well as all students. Many of these issues involve negative school-based experiences that teachers and administrators need to be aware of as they interact with students on a daily basis, including those that encourage dropping out, substance abuse, and disproportionate thoughts of suicide. This insightful work not only examines the challenges of discrimination, harassment, and alienation that LGBTQ youth face, but it also captures students’ resilience and creativity in organizing against those challenges. The text includes teaching strategies, innovative projects, curricular revisions, and policy initiatives that have had positive effects on LGBTQ learning, aspirations, and school climate.

Registrations are closed for this event.