University Services: The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

For those newer to the University, the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning is a department established as a source of pedagogical expertise for University of Detroit Mercy faculty. The CETL is in place to: Promote inquiry Inspire perspectives Support methodology Innovate teaching and scholarship A great deal of our efforts go toward coordinating […]

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Assessment Resources

Alternative grading practices: An entry point for faculty in competency-based education Progress and Proficiency: Redesigning Grading for Competency Education Why Focusing on Grades Is a Barrier to Learning The Effect of Specifications Grading on Students’ Learning and Attitudes in an Undergraduate-Level Cell Biology Course Experimenting with Specifications Grading References for Grading and Assessment Colleague Development […]

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Faculty Track for Fall 2022 Colleague Development Days

We are proud to present the following sessions tailored just for faculty. Please click on each link for session description and registration information. Session A2: Knowledge, Assessment, and Grading: Theories and Best PracticesSession A4: Find the Right Mentoring Format for Your Students (Online Session) Session B3: Grading Gets in the Way of My Students’ Learning: Examples […]

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Taking on the 14-Day Writing Challenge

Staying Accountable through the NCFDD By Dr. Erin Bell, CETL Staff Like many writers, I have grappled with writer’s block throughout my career. Finding the time required for scholarly writing amidst my other work/life responsibilities has often been challenging. Writing well requires time, space, and for many of us, quiet solitude, and these items are […]

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CETL Digital Education Services

Having an issue with your Blackboard course shell? Need advice about how to set up an examination or other assignment? Do you have other queries about how to employ an application or technology in your courses, Contact CETL’s Office of Digital Education for assistance. See below for guidelines and helpful information to make sure your […]

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Pedagogical Practice: Service Learning

By Timia Hairston, CETL Staff Hundreds of University of Detroit Mercy students pursue service learning opportunities as the means to fulfill an academic requirement each year. What they may not know is that embarking on such an experience can also lead them to be inspired and fulfilled, both civically and personally. Our founders understood the […]

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Microsoft Stream – Uploading Video

Microsoft’s Stream is an excellent way to provide your students with access to your videos. Not only does it do a fine job of streaming video (as the name suggests), it does a fair job of automatically generating transcripts for your videos, which makes your content ADA compliant and more usable for your students generally. […]

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