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Teaching ‘Digital Native’ College Students Who Understand TikTok — But Not Microsoft Excel

Members of Gen Z may be internet-savvy, but many still need lessons in academic tech tools like Excel and Word. Read more here.

From: EdSurge

Why Higher Ed Needs Leaders With Disabilities

The paucity of data on leaders with disabilities suggests that few people are even thinking about this crucial aspect of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice, Darla Schumm writes. For more information, click here.

From: Inside Higher Ed

Cold Calling on Students in Class: Pros and Cons

If only a few students dominate course discussions it can negatively impact active learning in a class. For that reason, some professors may randomly call on a student who did not volunteer. This is known as “cold calling,” and the question is if the practice is beneficial or harmful. Read more here.

From: The Chronicle of Higher Education

Student Development of Human Agency in an Online Course: Strategies for Instructors

How can faculty help their students continue to develop and cultivate processes such as self-regulation, self-direction, and other important actions in online courses? Review a series of best practices based on current scholarly research here.

From: Faculty Focus

How colleges can help neurodivergent students succeed

This interview with Oksana Hagerty, dean of the Center for Student Success at Beacon College in Leesburg, Florida, highlights key strategies for supporting students who are neurodivergent. Read more here.

From: Higher Ed Dive

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