Faculty Track for Fall 2022 Colleague Development Days

We are proud to present the following sessions tailored just for faculty. Please click on each link for session description and registration information.

Session A2: Knowledge, Assessment, and Grading: Theories and Best Practices

Session A4: Find the Right Mentoring Format for Your Students (Online Session) 

Session B3: Grading Gets in the Way of My Students’ Learning: Examples of Alternative Grading Strategies

Session B4: Tapping into Your Students’ Curiosity: Strategies for Enhancing Student Involvement (Online Session)

Session C1: Adapting to Academic Scholarly Life (Presented by the Faculty Development Team)

Session D1: Cultivating Student Writers: Best Practices for Scaffolding, Integration, Reflection, and Transfer

Session D2: What the Bleep are we Teaching our STEM Students? Infusing Diversity into Science Curricula 

Session E1: Supporting International Students for a More Inclusive Learning Environment

Session E2: Change Your Syllabus, Change Your Life

Session E4: Promotion and Tenure Dossier Submission for McNichols
Campus Faculty (Online Session)

Session F2: Submitting for Publication: Choosing a Journal and Styling Your Citations

Session F3: Best Practices in Creating and Implementing Rubrics

Session G1: Using Flipgrid for Creative Assignments and Community Building

Session H4: Evidence-Based Methods to Mitigate Learning Loss (Online Session)

Attend Colleague Development Days and be inspired by the work of your Detroit Mercy colleagues!