Session H3: Route to Regulation

Session H3: Route to Regulation

August 21, 2024, 11:45 AM

Presenter: Sydney Gordinier

Session Description:  Beginning of the fall semester causing some stress? Join us as we discover powerful ways to help regulate our nervous system. Acute and chronic stress leads our bodies to work in the sympathetic state which can have extremely negative effects on our well-being. During this 60-minute workshop, we will discuss and practice four different stress management techniques: acupressure, qigong, emotional freedom technique, and desk yoga. Adding these short bursts of nervous system regulation throughout the day can add up to have an enormous beneficial effect on your mental well-being, happiness, and health. These practices are quick, easy, and can be done almost anywhere.

This workshop is meant to be an introduction to these practices and we will provide you with resources if you wish to continue your journey of nervous system regulation with a certain practice. Please come dressed in comfortable clothing. We look forward to relaxing with you!


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