Session B3: The State of Gen Z: Spirituality and Mental Health

Session B3: The State of Gen Z: Spirituality and Mental Health

August 22, 2023, 10:45 AM
CF 233

Presented by Anita Klueg 

Session Description: “Uncertainty and change are hallmarks of being young—so much lies ahead, so many decisions are faced for the first time—but this past year(s) has brought unprecedented challenges…So who do young people… turn to in times of stress or difficulty…Young people in general aren’t turning to religion…the good news: religious young people are faring better than the nonreligious in all aspects of their well-being, including when navigating uncertainty.”   

“If we can create connections, align tools with expectations, and help young people develop a sense of purpose—if we can create organizations that are mental-health friendly—then we can improve mental health of young people and strengthen their faith lives, religious lives, and spiritual lives…the pursuit of mental health is not separate from the development of a vibrant and flourishing faith and spiritual life.” 

– Josh Packard, Ph.D. Exec. Director of Springtide research institute 

To engage with the Mercy and Jesuit educational values of Cura Personalis (care of the whole person) and the practice of discernment, welcome to a presentation on this research and conversations and take-aways to guide us all to support more wholistically our Detroit Mercy students


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