Colleague Development Days

Fall 2023

Presented by the CETL and Academic Affairs

Current events and the changing landscape of higher education have led to a myriad of innovations in how those working in our field approach their roles and day-to-day duties. It is an understatement to say that since 2020, much has changed in how we see the world and where we focus our attention: in our offices, in our classrooms, in our community spaces, and in other realms of our lives, such as in our approaches to mental wellness and self-care.

With that in mind, this year’s theme for Fall 2023 Colleague Development Days is FOCUS. Let us bring focus to the innovations and new ideas in the work we do and share them with colleagues. Likewise, let us consider how to continue to bring a positive focus to the University of Detroit Mercy, to the work that we do, and to our surrounding communities. FOCUS allows us to think of our perspectives and how they impact the work we do as staff, educators, and administrators.

Submit Your Proposal

Please note, that the call for presentations for Fall 2023 Colleague Development Days is now open. We welcome all colleagues to share their ideas and best practices that will help our community continue to focus our talents, abilities, and knowledge, as we move our vision for the future. 

Our goal is to engage faculty, staff, and administrators in the discussion, providing the means for continued development and positive transformation.  In addition to sharing expertise on professional/academic topics, the conference committee is also interested in presentations that highlight presenters’ focus on areas beyond the academy, such as gardening, genealogy, photography, and other pursuits. Let us explore how our focus on personal interests and travel can enrich our professional practices. 

Suggested Categories for Presentation Topics: 

  • Pedagogy (engagement, experiential learning, assessment, outcomes, scaffolding, feedback) 
  • Faculty Development and Growth (outlining the tenure process, research, publishing, and professional statements) 
  • Staff Professional Development (job satisfaction, productivity, best practices, new technology) 
  • Health and Wellness (meditation, service, mindfulness, fitness, hobbies) 
  • Assisting our Students (international students, first-generation students, non-traditional students, reviewing data and trends) 
  • Community (external speakers and their ties to Detroit Mercy, environmental concerns, community leaders) 
  • University Climate (trends in higher education, data points from Detroit Mercy, the community at large) 
  • Inclusivity (promoting civility in the classroom and/or workplace, DEIJ, teaching compassionately, topics relating to the mission, spirituality, diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice) 

Session Formats 

We anticipate that Colleague Development Days may offer both in-person and virtual sessions. To assist in planning, we are asking that you indicate in your proposal which mode you would prefer.

Scheduled sessions are either 60 minutes or 75 minutes and should include interactive activities to foster discussion and provide an active learning experience for all participants. 

 All faculty, staff, and administrators are invited to select the format that best represents their proposal 

  • Solo Presenter (one speaker presents a session). 
  • Partner/Group Presentation (multiple speakers co-facilitate a session). 
  • Roundtable Discussion (approximately 5-6 speakers discuss one topic). 
  • Workshop (facilitator/s assist participants in creating, planning, or revising a project).

Once proposals are received, they will be reviewed by a Planning Committee composed of CETL staff, a representative from the Faculty Development Team, and the Office of Academic Affairs.

Have Questions?
Please address your questions or requests about Colleague Development Days to the CETL staff at We look forward to collaborating with you!

Fall 2022 Keynote Speaker explored strategies for digital wellness.
Dr. Hiba Assi, Assistant Professor of Physics, discussed how to best support our international students with co-presenters Dr. Marwa Abdel-Latif and Dr. Maryam Yousef.